The Crocus Cow Horse Association currently offers 3 core events: Reining, Herd work ( Ranch Cutting), and Cow work/ Ltd cow work (Working Cow horse). Extra events may be offered at a show but will not be included in Versatility scores or Year-End placings. The Versatility score is the cumulative sum of the 3 core events.

Membership runs from January 1- December 31 of the calendar year.  Fees must be paid prior to or at the first show the exhibitor enters.   Manitoba Horse Council or other Equestrian Canada recognized insurance is mandatory.

Core Events

Each contestant enters the arena with 70 points and must complete the following manoeuvres  in a maximum of 2 min. and 30 sec. Minimum score of 60.
  • Box cow at prescribed end of the arena long enough to show control
  • Proceed to fence, driving the cow past the center marker, and turn cow at least once in each direction
  • In an open area of the arena, circle the cow at least once in each direction
  • The judge will signal when the run is completed.
Guide for a new cow: cow won't turn, has to be pushed to move or doesn't respect the horse. It will be at the judge's discretion whether or not the competitor will receive another cow to show his/her horse. In this case,the clock will be reset to 2:30. The competitor has the choice to decline the new cow and that choice is final.

Elements: Score + 1.5 to - 1.5 points per element
  • Maintaining control of the cow at all times
  • Exhibiting superior cow sense and natural ability without excessive reining or spurring
  • Degree of difficulty
  • Eye appeal
  • Loss of 1 point: loss of working advantage, for each length the horse runs past the cow, using end or corner to turn cow, slipping rein (when using a romal), changing side of the arena, turning cow before passing middle marker on first turn.
  • Loss of 2 points: going around a corner before turning cow
  • Loss of 3 points: knocking down cow without having working advantage, biting or striking the cow, hanging up on fence, exhausting the cow
  • Loss of 5 points: not getting a turn each way, spurring or hitting in front of cinch, using two hands in a bridle except for Limit, Youth or 3-4 yr old classes.
  • Automatic 0: turning tail, balking, out of control and running over cow, bloody mouth, illegal equipment, leaving work area before the pattern is completed, intentional or negligent misuse of livestock.

Each competitor enters the arena with an average score of 70 and points will be added and deducted as follows:
+ 1 ½ Excellent +1 Very Good +1/2 Good 0 Correct -1/2 poor -1 Very Poor -1 ½ Extremely Poor
Automatic 0:
Off pattern, including jogging more than half a circle, under or over spin by 1/4 turn.

Loss of 5 points:
kicking out, bucking, rearing, spurring in front of cinch, using free hand to instil fear, using two hands in a bridle except for Limit, Youth or 3-4 yr old classes.
Loss of 2 points:
a break in gait, a freeze-up in the spin, failure to go beyond markers in stops.

In the performance of circles or figure eights, the competitor can receive penalties as follows:
  • 1 point for each quarter circle that the horse is out of lead
  • ½ point for a late lead change
  • ½ point for starting a circle at a jog up to two strides in a lope departure.
  • 2 points for jogging beyond two strides, but less than half a circle or half the length of the arena
In the performance of spins, penalties are:
  • ½ point for an over or under spin ( up to 1/8 over or under)
  • 1 point for 1/8 to ¼ over or under spin.
Disqualification: illegal equipment, bloody mouth or sides

Reining patterns will be selected from a set of CCHA approved patterns and will be made available to exhibitors at least 1 hour prior to the show.

Each contestant enters the arena with a score of 70 and points will be deducted and added as follows (minimum score of 60) with a 2 min and 30 sec. time limit:

Run Content: Herd work, setting up a cow, degree of difficulty, eye appeal, time worked, amount of courage,loose rein are all based on a + and -. Horse charging, forced off a cow, excessive herd holder help are all (-) score.

  • Loss of 1 point: loss of working advantage, noise directed towards cattle, toe foot or stirrup on shoulder, hold on too long on a cut, working out of position
  • Loss of 3 points: hot quit, cattle picked up or scattered, spur in the shoulder, pawing or biting the cattle, failure to make a deep cut, back fence used to stop cow.
  • Loss of 5 points: horse quitting a cow, losing a cow, changing cattle after a specific commitment, failure to separate a single animal after leaving the herd, using two hands on the reins in a bridle with a shank bit, except Youth, Limit and 3-4 yr old classes.
  • Score of 60: if horse turns tail, if horse falls to the ground
  • Disqualification ( 0 score): illegal equipment, leaving working area before time is called, intentional or negligent misuse of livestock.

OPEN: Open to all horses and competitors, except those showing in the LIMIT class.  Horses in shank bits must be shown with one hand.  Horses shown in bosal or snaffle bit may be ridden with two hands.
NON-PRO:  Open to all competitors who have never trained horses horses for remuneration and are not entered in the LIMIT class.  Horses shown in bosal or snaffle bit may be ridden with two hands. Horses shown in a shank bit must be shown with one hand. If 2 hands are used on a shank bit, ONE 5 point penalty will be incurred.
NON-PRO LIMIT:  Open to Non-Pro competitors who don't wish to turn and circle the cow.  THERE WILL BE NO CROSS ENTRIES TO ANY OTHER CLASS FOR  RIDER.  Two hands may be used on any legal bit or bosal.  In this class, the cow will be boxed then taken down the fence past the center marker to show completion of the class.  The judge will indicate the completion of the class.  Maximum time limit, 90 seconds.
YOUTH:  Open to riders 18 and under as of Jan 1 of calendar year who are not entered in the NON-PRO LIMIT or YOUTH LIMIT class.  One or two hands may be used on any legal bit or bosal. ASTM-SEI approved helmet must be worn.
YOUTH LIMIT:  Open to riders 18 and under as of Jan 1 of calendar year.  Same rules as for NON-PRO LIMIT. 
NOVICE HORSE:  Open to horses in their first year of showing and have won less than $500.00
3-4 YEAR OLDS:  Open to 3 and 4 year old horses only, ridden by a Non-Pro or Open competitor.  One or two hands may be used with any legal bit or bosal.
BUCKAROO:  Open to youth 18 and under.  There will be a walk/trot reining pattern and a tracking class.

All equipment must be in compliance with Reining Cow Horse and Western Breed registry rules.
All horses may be shown in the snaffle bit, hackamore, or bridle, regardless of age. For a rider using a snaffle bit or hackamore, two hands are required. For Open and Non-Pro riders using a shank bit, one hand is required. IN NON-Pro, if 2 hands are used on a shank bit, ONE 5 point penalty will be incurred. When using romal reins, they are to be held in the thumb up position, no fingers between the reins and hands must not be changed. When using split reins, one finger may be used between the reins. Youth and Limit riders,  as well as riders in the 3-4 year old class may use one or two hands on any bit  with no penalty. All other divisions may use two hands while using a shank bit but will incur a one time 5 Point Penalty. Once work has started, the rider must maintain the chosen hand position until work is completed. 

Broken equipment:   If at any time during a performance a piece of equipment  breaks, the rider may continue provided the broken equipment does not pose a hazard to the rider and/or is not cruel to the horse. In the event that the fence work immediately follows the reined work, broken equipment may be repaired within a 1 minute time period. Rider may dismount if necessary to make the  repair. Horse and rider may not leave the arena and may not receive physical assistance or equipment from outside the arena.         If the rider is unable to continue because of the broken equipment, the rider will be excused with a score of zero.

Western attire is required, chaps optional. Cowboy hat or equestrian helmet are acceptable.

Entries:  Entries are due by midnight the Tuesday before the show. Late entries:  A late fee of $25 will be charged on late entries. Scratched entries: Once a competitor has made a show entry, they are responsible for the cattle charge, whether they show or not.  This charge is to be paid before they can compete again.

Prizes will be given for versatility, determined by adding horse/rider combination scores for all 3 events in each show. Prize moneys should be split by division (Open, Non-Pro, Limit, Youth, 3-4 Yr Old) and based on entry fees and sponsorship collected for that division less show costs for that division. The NRCHA payout schedule should be used, which includes the following:
1 entry pays 100%
2 to 5 entries pays to 2 places - 60/40%
6 to 9 entries pays to 3 places - 45/35/20%
10 to 13 entries pays to 4 places - 40/30/20/10%14 to 18 entries pays to 5 places - 34/27/20/10/9%
19 to 24 entries pays to 6 places - 32/22/19/10/9/8%
25 to 28 entries pays to 7 places - 28/22/17/10/9/8/6%
29 to 32 entries pays to 8 places - 26/22/14/10/9/8/6/5%
33 to 36 entries pays to 9 places - 26/19/13/10/9/8/6/5/4%
37 to 40 entries pays to 10 places - 25/18/13/10/8.5/7/6/5/4/3.5%
Additional prizes may also be given at any regular show or finals show.

All members who have shown in the calender year will be eligible for year end awards, regardless of  the number of shows attended. The lowest show of the year will not be included in the year end points. An unattended show will count as a 0, and therefore will count as a low score. Only one score of 0 will be eliminated.

The following violations will not be tolerated:

1)The misrepresentation of one's professional status
2) Physically assaulting any judge or other person participating during or after the course of the recognized show.
3) Making any remark to a judge or other person participating, during or after the show, which is of threatening or abusive or unsportsmanlike either orally or in writing.
4) Making any obscene gesture to or for the benefit of the judge or judges while in the arena.
5) Abusing or mistreating in any fashion a horse while on the grounds of any CCHA approved show, either before, during or after the event.
6) Any person who does not pay bills or fees due to the CCHA or any approved show.

Any person desiring to file a complaint regarding any alleged violation of these rules may do so by submitting a written protest within 7 days of discovery in writing to the CCHA president, together with a check of $50.00 made payable to the Crocus Cow Horse Association.  Upon receipt, all complaints will be referred to the Board of Directors for investigation and consideration in a closed meeting within 30 days of receiving the complaint and check. The identities of the involved parties shall remain confidential.  If the Board of Directors determines that the protest is valid, the $50.00 check shall be returned.

If during a CCHA show, a cow dies or is injured requiring euthanasia, the owner will be compensated at fair market value from the CCHA general funds.  An injured cow must be recognized as such by the owner and club before leaving the arena or pen.

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